SEO Hero – The Best Contest Ever

The world has gone crazy with SEO and the major website masters know this. There is even a Wix contest called SEO Hero going on right now where participants are competing for that keyword to win a certain prize.

What is this contest all about?

You must create a website in your domains that has to be optimized with SEO specifications. If your site proves to be the first ranked for the ‘seo hero’ keyword in the period specified in the terms, you will be awarded a certain sum of money by the creators of the Wix platform.

The web has revolutionized with the Search Engine Optimization better known by the name of SEO. With SEO you will be able to optimize the websites so that the search engines can index them and interpret their contents, causing that they are naturally placed in relevant positions in the search results.

These search engines roam the web by tracking what are called bots. These bots scroll through all the pages through the links just as any user would do when browsing the Web content but in an automated way and at a much higher speed; They pass from one link to another and collect data on those web pages they provide to their servers.
This technique not only involves taking into account the architecture and content of the code of the page but also have great care and dedication to finding the most significant keywords and best represent the page facing the public we are addressing.

Usually, SEO is accompanied by marketing actions, such as searching for relevant links or participation in social networks, in a way that facilitates the spread and presence on the Internet.
There are websites designed to help users create amazing looking professional web pages that are first in the search engines – a goal they want to achieve through the SEO Hero contest.
SEO is needed to help understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users.
The platforms for creating websites can help you make one without you having technical knowledge of any kind and the most important thing is that they are fully compatible with the search engines.

The steps to create a website with such platforms are usually easy and go on like this:

1. You must register on the platform using a valid email

2. After activating your account by an activation email, you can enter the platform, which will allow you to reserve a name (sub-type of type for your site or blog that is available.

3. Choose a template or theme of a large amount available to adapt it to the theme or category of your blog.

4. You will be able to create as many categories as you want, and to these categories you will assign the entries or articles, which must be created with the SEO technique to be later positioned through the most commercial search engines.